Digital Campaign

Re-engage Will Martin’s existing database and establish an engaging social media presence.

Mammoth was tasked with creating a campaign that would ‘give-back’ to long-time fans of Will Martin’s music, and entice a new collection of followers. What better way to do this than with a brand new album?

Across a 16 week online campaign, fans from around the world were invited to submit and vote for the songs that would feature on Will’s new album. 

For MammothHouse this involved designing and managing the voting website, creating extensive social media content and updating the database via email about the progress of the campaign.

The result was a series of very personal interactions between Will Martin and his fans from all corners of the globe – and a unique album that the world couldn’t WAIT to hear. 

Campaign Strategy
Website Design & Management
Video Editing
Social Media Content
Email Campaign
Database Management